FAQ. About Smartxide DOT

What is photoaging?
Prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution, and a lifestyle that is not always healthy, aggravate the natural, gradual physiological ageing process, leading to deterioration of the skin structure. This phenomenon is most evident at the level of the epidermis and upper papillary dermis. Clinical aspects include skin thinning, transparency, laxity, wrinkles, uneven colouring, pigmentary marks, vascular marks, and irregular texture.
What is SmartXide DOT?
SmartXide DOT is DEKA's new CO2 laser system that allows you to work in either a "traditional or "fractional" manner. Thanks to the exclusive fractional DOT technology, skin rejuvenation can now be stimulated by acting efficaciously and safely on the most evident signs of time, with a significant reduction in recovery times (minimum down-time) and elevated treatment tolerance.

How does it work?
Thanks to the DOT emission, the system generates micro-areas of thermal damage alternating with untreated tissue. The healing is much more rapid (only a few days), reducing clinical recovery time and the secondary effects typical of more invasive treatments (post-op pain, swelling and prolonged erythema).

Is it safe?
The rapid re-epithelisation restores the epidermal barrier, protecting it from the risk of infection.
The wavelength and advanced technology of the SmartXide DOT system make it a safe, accurate instrument for Skin Resurfacing treatments offering delicate and superficial ablation of numerous dermatological lesions.

Who is it designed for?
The treatment with SmartXide DOT is suitable for all skin types. Special care is recommended for those who tan frequently.

How long does the treatment last?
About half an hour. you will need have anaesthetic for 1-2 hour pre-procedure which will be applied in clinic

How many treatments are necessary?
Results will be visible immediately after the first session.
A special programme will be drawn up for each patient with treatment tailored to his or her skin condition and requirements.

What precautions must be taken after treatment?
Thanks to the fractional DOT technology, post-treatment erythema lasts only a few days and can easily be concealed with make-up. The only recommended precaution is to use an adequate sunscreen for several weeks after treatment.

Is treatment painful? Is an anaesthetic necessary?
The only sensation is a slight pinging feeling that lasts a fraction of a second. For more sensitive patients, an anaesthetic cream will be sufficient. Compared to traditional treatments with CO2 laser, the fractional DOT technology significantly reduces post-treatment pain.

How long will it take for the results to be visible?
The majority of people observe significant improvements in skin tone already after the first session. Skin marks fade and disappear after one or two sessions. A specific programme must be drawn up by the physician and patient for treating deep wrinkles. Finally, the laser stimulates the formation of new collagen that leads to a progressive improvement of the skin for at least six months after the last treatment.