Why DOT Therapy >> The Benefits and Results


DOT Therapy with the SmartXide DOT CO2 laser offers the ultimate in skin rejuvenation in just under an hour for most treatments. DOT Therapy is ideal for the treatment of sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity/texture and acne scars. Not only does the DOT offer amazing results, but it does so safely and quickly with little downtime. The secret is out and the benefits of DOT Therapy speak for themselves:

· Minimal downtime

· Rapid healing

· Quick procedure

· Low risk

· Accurate results

· Customized treatment

· Minimally invasive

· Renewed skin

· Treatment of multiple issues at once

· Little or no anesthesia


What Will DOT Therapy Do for Me?

If you have spent years in the sun, especially without adequate sun protection, then you know what it can do to your skin. Wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun spots, skin laxity may be reduced or eliminated with DOT Therapy. Also, if you have scars from acne or other skin injuries, then you may also be a candidate for this procedure. Now, using DOT Therapy, an innovative, new laser technology, less than 30 minutes in your doctor’s office may restore your skin’s youthful appearance. While the aging process cannot be stopped, with proper care you can maintain your rejuvenated skin’s appearance for many years!


Smart Xide: “Dot Therapy”

Fractional Co2 Resurfacing


In the past 10-12 years, we have seen the emergence of many laser technologies promising much but delivering fair to sometimes good results. The emergence of FDA-approved fractional Co2 resurfacing is a breath of fresh air in an already crowded market.

Fractional Co2 resurfacing is a major advance in the fight against aging skin (wrinkles), pigmentation problems, acne and loose skin — giving the recipient a “refreshed” look without the down time of traditional Co2 resurfacing.

Co2 laser light heats and removes the topmost layers of skin. With the “fractional” technology, some skin is spared (small dots) to allow for faster healing without the original down time of conventional Co2 lasers (the gold standard for wrinkle reduction). The trade-off is that multiple treatments may be needed based on the fraction of healed skin left behind. This procedure is based on patient preference.

The skin is left baby-soft with decreased lines above the lips, crows’ feet, cheeks, neck, and chest. With experience, the lower lids and upper lids may also be tightened without surgery. Large pores, melasma, and poor skin tone can all be tightened with now minimal down time (three to four days, also known as a “weekend lift”). Patients have had the procedure on Friday and been back to work Monday with makeup and no problems.

Candidates include people with aged and wrinkled skin, acne, sun damage or those wanting to be a little “tighter” with improved texture.

The procedure is performed under oral sedation with topical anesthesia placed on the face for one hour. The patient is brought in by a family member, significant other or by our in-house driving service. The topical numbing medicine is applied, and laser glasses are applied. Depending on the fraction used, the Smart Xide Dot Therapy is then performed. Most patients report feeling almost nothing to a slight stinging sensation. After completion, the patient’s skin is cooled and within half an hour the patient is allowed to go home. A regimented post-op recovery skin care program is initiated and the patient is back at work within three or four days.

The side effects are minimized with Dot Therapy — much like moderate sunburn with facial dryness and tightness. Special ointments are prescribed to offset the dry feeling, and makeup can generally be worn three or four days later. Within several weeks the patient will notice a smoother skin and, according to most, a decrease in the overall need for foundation/ cover-up.

Results are seen within a week after peeling has commenced and include a glowing, natural appearing face, decreased pigmentation, tightness and sometimes the relief of active acne. Long-term results include wrinkle reduction of sun damaged skin, decreased melasma and in general, a refreshed shiny look to an otherwise ruddy face.

If you are ready for a procedure to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize without all the burdens of down time, the Fractional Co2 resurfacing is here now— . Please feel free to call and schedule your appointment today to get ready for that healthy, wrinkle free glow to go with that summer outfit.

How it works

Thanks to the special Hi-Scan DOT scanning system, the CO2 laser emission takes place by means of dots (DOT), generating micro-areas of thermal damage alternating with healthy tissue. In the micro-areas treated, the controlled release of heat produces immediate tissue shrinkage and stimulates neocollagenogenesis. The areas of healthy tissue between the treated areas ensure rapid tissue repair and a drastic reduction in recovery times and post-treatment erythema.

Uniqueness of the Smartxide DOT system

The exclusive SmartPulse emission system enables tissue damage to be controlled while simultaneously maximising efficacy. The shape of the SmartPulse pulse is twofold: the first part, characterised by high power peaks and extremely short emission times, enables rapid ablation of the epidermis and the first layers of the derma without damaging the surrounding tissues; the second part has a low power peak released more slowly, heating the derma in depth to generate shrinkage and stimulate the production of new collagen.
By setting the Stack parameter, one or more pulses will be emitted in rapid succession for each scanning DOT in line with a preset value (from 1 to 5). In this way, the ablation depth and stimulation of the tissues are precisely controlled, adapting the treatment to the area in question, the specific skin conditions and the needs of the patient.

The fractional SmartXideDOT scanning system uses a special algorithm to generate intelligent sequences that optimise the scanning pathway, intensifying the thermal action, while at the same time protecting the tissues. The results obtained indicate a more natural and harmonious post-treatment pattern.
In view of its total control of the main scanning parameters (power on the tissue, scanning area, dwell time, distance between DOTs, Stack parameter) the SmartXide DOT system is the most versatile and complete instrument currently available on the market; treatment can be modulated in an ongoing and uniform manner, passing from mild fractional, minimally invasive photorefreshing to traditional resurfacing. Using a single instrument, the professional can easily identify the laser treatment best suited to satisfy the expectations of every patient.