Deep Medical Cleaning of the Face


Regular maintenance of the skin is essential for a healthy, glowing look.  Skin problems such as blackheads, blemishes or dryness can appear unexpectedly and are often caused by stress, diet, hormones or an ineffective skin care regimen.  Our one hour facial treatment can purify, balance and decongest the skin.  It will promote radiance and excellent skin condition.  It is a maintenance program that can be done regularly as recommended by your skin care specialist.


EYE TREATMENTS, COLLAGEN Stimulating facials can all assist in maintaining a youthful appearance to the skin


ACNE TREATMENT AND PREVENTION Acne can be a problem for both men and women.  Our skin department and dermatologist can formulate a medical or skin care program for you.

The facial neutralizes bacteria responsible for the spread of acne.  It is best for combination, pily or acneic skin  Natural fruit enzymes are used to remove superficial impurities, sebum, dead skin cells and blocked pores including blackheads.  This treatment can be done in combination with medical treatments from our physicians that are given to prevent and reduce the formation of acne.

We also use Skin Medica and Murad treatments for acne prevention and care.  These products are recommended to be used at home to continue effective acne treatment.