Laser Department

At the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic we have a state of the art laser and skin care centre. Our multi-purpose laser units consist of Cynosure Lasers with a Smart Cool system of cold air that decreases pain and keeps the skin cool during the laser treatment. This combination allows for maximized treatment with minimal risk of injury or discomfort to the skin.
What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is an elective procedure that can result in a significant decrease in unwanted body hair. Using Cynosure laser technology, our system can eliminate hundreds of hair follicles by converting the energy into heat that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This process can disable the ability of the hair follicle to grow further hair.
What are the treatments like?
Depending on which type of laser you use, the treatment is very similar. The area to be treated will be shaved by the laser therapist and marked with a red pen to make sure no hairs are missed. With laser hair removal you will feel a pinch or mild sting at area being treated. This lasts only seconds and cooling techniques reduce most discomfort. Mild redness may persist for a day or so.
How many sessions will I need?

Depending on the type, density and skin type, each patient is
different, however, on average most patients require 5 - 7 treatments to have
maximum hair reduction. Treatments can be spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart for optimum
results. Treating thin or fine hair can take more sessions than average.

Cynosure Elite

The Cynosure Elite laser system has the latest technology that allows for two lasers to be contained in one single unit. The alexandrite laser with wavelength of 755nm is excellent for lighter skin types (I - III) and fine hair. Instantaneously, the operator can switch to a Nd:Yag system 1064nm wavelength that is specially designed for use on dark skin Types (IV - VI) or patients with tanned skin.
This amazing system allows the laser therapist complete control of the laser system and settings so that on each patient and on every area, settings can be adjusted to maximize effectiveness. The Nd:Yag allows the operator to use high fluences (energy) that are required to kill the hair follicle, which cannot be obtained by other machines due to the risk of injury to patients with dark skin. With the Nd:Yag, dark skin is protected and the hair can be disabled allowing for excellent results.

The Cynosure system has large hand piece size allowing for faster, more effective treatments, the combination of speed, power and excellent clinical results makes the Cynosure system the best for laser treatment of excess hair.

The Cynosure Apogee 5500 and the Cynosure Elite are just two examples of the hair removal systems that are available in the clinic.
We have a complete laser system that is available for laser treatment of facial and leg veins, pigmented lesions as well as a LaserFacialTM.

The Cynosure system allows for treatment of facial and leg veins (telangectasias) up to 3mm in size. It also successfully treats a wide range of vascular lesions, including rosacea (diffuse redness).

The LaserFacialTM is only available with the Cynosure system. It promotes healthier looking skin, improves the appearance of sun damaged skin (brown spots, irregularities, discoloration) and reduces diffuse redness and minor facial veins.
This is a quick, pain free procedure with no downtime. It can be done with no skin preparation and recovery time of only a few hours, consisting of slightly reddened skin.

The Deka System

Our Deka laser system is a laser that specifically treats darker skin. It allows for high settings to give excellent and long term results for patients with the combination of dark skin and dark hair which can be difficult to treat with other lasers. It also uses a cool air system to allow for comfortable and fast treatment.

Our laser department is managed by Canadian Registered Nurse, with 13 years experience in nursing and a specialty in Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses as well as the previous manager of the Laser and Skin Care Department at Saad Specialist Hospital, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, the only JCI accredited hospital in the region.

Our staff consists of skin care specialists and nurses trained in Laser treatments, as well as Arabic and English speaking staff. Please feel free to call the clinic at any time to talk to a laser therapist to answer any questions you may have.